Jibara Single & Continuous Shot 2-in-1 Air Grease Gun - Chain Type

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  • 40:1 ratio air motor
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum body for maximum durability and longer service life
  • 2-way loading- Bulk, 400g Jiabara grease cartridge
  • No “false lubrication” in the pump due to precision matching of steel piston and steel cylinder
  • 4-Jaw super grip coupler for better grip and longer service life
  • 6'' curved pipe with standard coupler+9" flexible hose with standard coupler
Do not operate this tool over 90PSI/ 6.2BAR in continuous shot mode.
Over input pressure will lead to decreased performance and may cause serious damage to the tool or injury to the operator

Under Air Input Pressure: 60~150PSI (recommend input pressure: 90PSI)
  • Single shot mode: Max - 6000PSI @input 150PSI
  • Continuous shot mode: Max - 2500PSI@input 90PSI
  • Single Shot 0.6g per stroke
  • Continuous greasing flow: up to 150g (5oz)/ min
Weight 1.4 kg
Capacity Bulk 500g
Jiabara Cartridge 400g
Working Pressure 6000PSI in single shot    2500PSI in continuous shot